Donovan & Jordan

The Orgin of the Got'em on Skates Story

Founders, Donovan and Jordan whenever hanging out together like so many other kids are avid video gamers.  One day playing one of their favorites, NBA 2K18. After the back and forth of who got what controller and what team you gonna pick, it's decided Steph Warriors vs Lebron Cavs in game 7 of the NBA Finals all over again.  It starts off as a friendly game but the 4th quarter brings on another level of competition because no one wants to lose.  It goes from a team sport to a one on one intense battle. ultimately one players makes a move and the other player falls and it's announced "GOT'EM ON SKATES", the very next play another move and the reply no I "GOT'EM ON SKATES" The phase resonated so much the "GOT'EM ON SKATES" saying would not go away. now it's their lingo.  Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, and the world of Skateboarding, the Brand is born. It's two young entrenpuers  Donovan and Jordan creating this saying on t-shirts and apparel. The plan take it to take it to social media and join the movement. "GOT'EM ON SKATES' is that competitive spirt within each of us, which pushes us to be the very best in order to overcome the obstacles in our way to victory.    

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