About "Got'em on Skates"

Our Story:  Two cousins (Donovan vs Jordan) playing a friendly game of NBA 2K17.  One picks Lebron #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the other one picks Steph #30 of the Golden State Warriors which turns out to be like the real life rematch of the NBA Finals.  As the game reaches the 4th quarter, it gets more and more serious and more intense between the two of them.  A friendly game of basketball between two cousins turns into an all out battle of plays and a war of words.  The plays and words are the game within the game between the two because no one wants to lose.  Back and forth, the score changes again and again between the dunks, alley hoops, 3-pointers.  Every time one makes a play between them both all you hear is this classic phrase got'em on skates, got'em on skates, got'em on skates.  The Brand is Born "Got'em on Skates" from two kids a 9 year old and a 11 year old (two cousins) now embarking upon becoming two young entrepreneurs with dreams/goals/admiration of making something local and taking it national and eventually iconic and global.  

Purpose:  Got'em on Skates wants to inspire, challenge, support, and motivate our youth to continue to be active on the field, court, gym, and playground.  A way to encourage out youth to compete with one another safely through playing sports or playin sports on video game.  

Our Goal: Got'em on Skates is creating a unique brand of sportswear that kids and adults will recognize and want to wear to show their passion and love for the game.

Mission:  Got'em on Skates is creating a movement to keep our youth involved and active.  A movement to create a fun and positive attitude to compete with one another whether video games or the field of play.  A movement that can be a model to have a profound impact because sports is very influential on the youth. A movement to support our youth going to camps and supporting youth programs.  A movement that focus on sports as a way to create avenues and opportunities for our youth to be successful in life.  

Vision:  Got'em on Skates wants to touch the lives of our youth and help them take advantage of the many opportunities to grow, experience, and think inside and outside the world of sports. 


Customer Comment:

Jeff [North Caroina] - "A great quality T-shirt that is not only describe my defender on the basketball court but also my HATERS in life" 

Terri [North Carolina] - "The T-shirt is a contemporary basketball reference to having your opponent off balance and defeated.  I love the tagline because philosophically, success is often dependent upon how one keeps life challenges and foes off balance and defeated.  Got'em on Skates is not just about sports!!"

Barry [North Carolina] - "The T-shirts are a unique design.  I love that it's different and comfortable.  I bought one for my entire family.  (We Got'em on Skates!!)"

JeNelle [North Carolina] - "Got'em on Skates is an original expression used to show your strength verses someone else's..... in three words."

Tre [Virginia] - "It's a phrase that fits the playground or the gym take your pick."